2017 Excel Viper F4 1751

Viper F4 1751 Viper F4 1751 Viper F4 1751

This is how it all started with Excel; by building the toughest and simply the best-built duck boat made. Heavy-duty gunwhales can take a beating from timber. The (optional) KIK-UP™ transom's dual heavy-duty gas shocks help absorb impact subjected to your lower unit in surprise encounters with submerged stumps. Tank-like bracing throughout doesn't make this boat a lightweight, but it will outlast any other boat made. The step deck ( Excel was the 1 st to offer this feature) takes the leg-work out of getting in and out of your boat. Excel exclusive OPTIFADE™ camo will disappear in any timber hole or marsh.


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  • Length : 17 ft.
  • Bottom : 51 in.
  • Beam : 72 in.
  • Per/LBS : 4/560
  • Transom Height : 20 in.
  • Gunwale Height : 24 in.
  • Max Horsepower : 60
  • Hull Thickness : .100 or .125